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Thank you for helping develop and finalize our:

PHOTAVIA® is a content company that is always exploring technology as a new form of distribution. 

Today’s television is toxic, PHOTAVIA plans to transcend that visual pollution(noise) and give your entire family something new and exciting to talk about.

We are blessed to be getting support from so many great friends, investors and clients. 


But sometimes things don't always go as we planned. This site is one of those happy accidents as we tried another solution but it didn't have some of the capabilities we were looking for as well as control. So we moved to the current platform.


We are also currently looking for more investors, to grow and change the world of Alzheimer's and Memory Care residents around the world.  There is so much we want to share.

We are very interested in growing quickly. We have access to over 600,000 images in The LIFE Picture Collection so there are so many stories yet to be told. You are a part of helping us tell them.


Thank you so very much for your support and patience. If there are any suggestions, please email me and tell how we can help you, what you think of our content, or what suggested changes you may have. Healthcare providers, caregivers, nurses, patients and families of patients as well as feedback from our early subscribers has been very positive - but we want to always be getting better.

We believe in Better Living Through Imagery!


Good streaming to you! Let me know.

Oh, and please follow us on social media! 

Joe Hausch, President/CEO/CCO

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