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Click a thumbnail below to enjoy our V-Clips from the “A Moment In Time” Series which is based on iconic images from “The LIFE Picture Collection”, and the wonderful stories behind them. Or try our popular interactive game PhoTrivia with your friends and family. PhoTrivia features educational points and factoids about the V-Clips, plus other life questions for a deeper dive, and even more to talk about.  Enjoy!
PhoTrivia Landing
Try our interactive cognitive engagement and enhancement tools. For individual or group viewing. Play nice and learn about the world and each other. Running Time: Approx. 16 minutes each plus leave time for discussion
*Note: Content may change at any time. You may not have access to all images you see previews for. If you are interested in a full subscription check our plans and pricing  If you would like to learn more about how to get PHOTAVIA in your community check out our Delivery Methods or contact us at  Due to legal responsibilities, we have to say that everything is subject to change at any time. Thank you for viewing!
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