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PHOTAVIA Productions

About Us

PHOTAVIA®  creates time relevant, all-inclusive media experiences via art, part video experience and part education, with a strong and developing neuroscience focus premised on how pleasant thoughts invoked by visual memory triggers can be of therapeutic benefit to sufferers of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD, among others.


The G-rated nature of our documentary-style vignettes we call V-Clips™, makes them ideal for most any generation and inter-generational viewing. Our unique agreement with Getty Images and our focus on The LIFE Picture Collection gives us incredible content to develop our short two-minute programs. Our current focus is on images from 1936 to 1989 and the historical aspects of this iconic photographic art.  Viewer responses have called them "very captivating and quite interesting".

Healthcare providers, caregivers, nurses, patients and families of patients as well as feedback from our early subscribers has been very positive.


Listen to Pat Durham of Heritage at Deer Creek, New Berlin, WI as she explains how PHOTAVIA is changing the way she is caregiving. 

You can see full-length samples at:

When accompanied by the Photavia ToolKit - ‘A Moment In Time’™ Series Activity and Guide Book, V-Clips become a more engaging and educational, and interactive tool for individual and group settings, adding an additional layer of fun, interest, and entertainment to the experience.

PHOTAVIA ToolKit photo that features a camera on the front cover and the PHOTAVIA logo

The perfect companion to Photavia
V-Clips, each page corresponds to the back-story of an image, with questions that can be answered just by watching the related video, and suggestive questions to start further engagement and conversation. Click the image or Contact us for pricing.

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