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IN2L Channel

IN2L Channel


Thank you for your interest in a PHOTAVIA:

PHOTAVIA® is a content company that is always exploring technology as a new form of distribution.  We are a hybrid-TV format, delivering complex content, in a two minute V-Clip© package. Utilizing a customized sponsorship model is and has always been a target plan to grow our organization.


Aligning PHOTAVIA with like-minded organizations has been an important  goal and tactic to growing. We look at it as ultimately a Win/Win/Win. Truth in advertising has never been more desirable.

If we develop a relationship, we can provide some incredible content because of our access to The LIFE Picture Collection and much, much more. Our stories and unique format delivering engaging, educational content that is memorable because of how familiar it is, changes lives and creates conversations with people from age 5 to 105.


PHOTAVIA can help our sponsors deliver their marketing messages in a new, different  and more engaging way.


We are very interested in growing the sponsorship model because "the audiences" are avoiding traditional advertising whenever possible. We get more traction because we make people slowdown stop, think and react to the iconic images and stories. 


Our approach also is a controlled advertising format that utilizes lifestyle spots or simple sponsorship slides much like what is familiar approach like in traditional PBS programming.

We would love to talk more detail and create a special sponsorship opportunity with you. Contact President and CEO Joe Hausch to discuss a Win/Win/Win partnership.

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