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Welcome to PhotaviaED, Photavia’s Educational offering of distinctive and gentle programming.

PhotaviaED's signature series titled, “A Moment In Time”, features iconic photographs curated into a digital art gallery. Each of these “V-Clips™” are precisely two minutes long and there are currently close to 300 to choose from. Photavia programming is Engaging, Educational, and Entertaining. In fact, we proudly introduce it as Edutainment! 


PhotaviaED™ is seeking educators across curriculum and instruction levels to be first adopters of our custom programming. Our goal is to refine and define the most useful applications of PhotaviaED before our launch in the education sector. 


Please review our sample library and choose some programs to watch. After you’ve reviewed the videos, test them out in your in-person or virtual classroom. Then we’d ask you to let us know how you think they best fit into your schools and classrooms by completing the survey below.

Benefits for Education

  • PhotaviaED is a perfect supplement to your curriculum, lesson plan or as a scheduled “Brain Break” to attract, refresh and reactivate minds.


  • Our content covers a diverse range of safe topics that are suitable for students from grade school to grad school providing relatable topics covering multiple subjects of study.


  • Our programs are delivered in an HD video format. Exactly what students are drawn to, and it can be easily incorporated to both in person and virtual classrooms.

  • Our Faculty ToolKit helps to encourage learning while prompting discussion and interaction between students and their educators. 

Thank you

in advance for taking our survey. 
We truly appreciate your input and your voice does affect our programming!

PhotaviaED Survey Questions

Thanks for your feedback!

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